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 classic value investing

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Our Services

We offer money management services to a diverse client base:

  • A working professional or an entrepreneur
  • Corporate pension plans
  • Charitable entities such as foundations, trusts, estates, or endowment funds
  • As a sub-adviser to other investment advisers

Our Mission

Build trust

Develop a long-term partnership

Offer peace of mind


  • We work our schedule around yours
  • We are available via phone and email, as well as Google+ Hangouts and Skype
  • We welcome feedback, debate, and questions
  • The level of engagement is entirely in your control

our interests are ALIGNED

  • Our fiduciary duty to our clients is our primary concern
  • A simple fee structure aligns our incentives with our clients'
  • We invest our own money alongside our clients' money

We manage your portfolio so you can focus on what matters to you

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Phone:  (551) 257-5126

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725 River Rd, Ste 32-123

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