How do I open an account?

A client deposits funds at Interactive Brokers, a third-party custodian.  We direct the custodian to buy or sell securities on the client's behalf.  

  • The client has full access to the account and can log in to the custodian's website to review the portfolio.
  • There are no lock-up periods or penalties. The client can withdraw funds, if the need arises.

Is my money safe?

All client funds are held with an unaffiliated custodian.  Burr Capital LLC does not take custody of our clients' assets.  

Are you registered with financial regulators?

Yes, Burr Capital LLC is registered with the State of New Jersey and other jurisdictions when required.  Our Form ADV is filed with state securities regulators and can be found at

What is your Fee Structure?

We charge a fee based on assets under management.  The maximum fee is 1.00% per year.  Our fees are reduced for accounts greater than $1 million.

  • We do not earn any commissions and we don't participate in any revenue-sharing arrangements with other firms.
  • Our clients' custodian may charge their own fees each time a trade is made in their accounts.

What types of clients do you work with?

We cater to a diverse client base.  Our model portfolios can be tailored to the client's income needs and risk tolerance.  

Our clients can start with a smaller amount of capital and grow it over time.

We believe it is never too early or late to start an investment portfolio and we look forward to partnering with you on your journey.

what kinds of accounts can you manage?

We are happy to manage your individual, joint, or trust accounts.  These types of accounts include brokerage, traditional IRA, Rollover IRA, or Roth IRA.

what is the minimum account size to get started?

While we do not have any firm asset minimums, we believe the services we provide are more appropriate for those clients who are able to invest $25,000 or more of investment assets.

I would like to learn about investing.  Where do I begin?

We recommend reading broadly and deeply. 

Many great investors began their journey with Ben Graham's timeless books: The Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis.

The following are a rite of passage for value investors: 

  • Berkshire Hathaway, Letters to Shareholders
  • Warren Buffett's investor letters from his Buffett Partnership days
  • Seth Klarman's book, Margin of Safety

Take a class on Behavioral Finance.  Read Michael Mauboussin's books, Think Twice and More Than You Know.

To learn about efficient markets, read A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Burton Malkiel.